Huh? Joe Biden Links Trump to Murders Of Black Transgender Women (VIDEO)

Guest post by Mike LaChance at American Lookout

During a recent speech at the Human Rights Campaign, former Vice President Joe Biden talked about the murders of several black transgender women in 2019.

He suggested the only way this would stop is if Trump is replaced as president.
Where he got this line of logic is anyone’s guess.


Bustle reported:

Joe Biden Says Ending Anti-Trans Violence Requires Ending Trump’s Presidency

Speaking with LGBTQ advocacy group HRC on Saturday, one presidential candidate made promises to the community and appeared to indicate that the Trump administration played a role in the violence that transgender people face.

In a speech marking the beginning of Pride month, former Vice President Joe Biden said the fastest way to end violence against trans people is to “end the Trump administration,” CNN reports.

In a speech speaking about LGBTQ rights generally, Biden focused on trans rights and criticized moves made by Trump. “We’ve already had five, just this year, five black transgender women killed violently in 2019 — that’s outrageous,” Biden told the crowd in Columbus, Ohio, at HRC’s annual fundraiser to cheers.

“It must, it must, it must end. And the fastest way to end it is, end the Trump administration.”

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