HUGE! Border Patrol Chief: We’ve Seen a Drop by Nearly One-Third of Illegals Crossing Border Since Trump Deal with Mexico (VIDEO)

Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd joined Stuart Varney Monday morning on Varney and Co.

Brandon told Stuart that “things are looking up on the border.”

Brandon Judd: There’s not going to be a deal that gives President Trump a win. Democrats are just not going to do that. Going into 2020 they are doing everything they can to take this president apart and so they’re not going to give him a win… I don’t see Democrats giving him any wins going into 2020… He was able to strike a deal with the Mexican government that any president prior to him would have loved to have had. And since he’s been able to strike that deal we’ve seen a drop in nearly a third of people crossing the border prior to the month of June. So we’re already seeing the huge dividends of that experience that President Trump brought to the Oval Office.

Via Varney and Co.:

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