HERE WE GO: Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Andrew Weissmann Nabs Book Deal on Corrupt Special Counsel Investigation

Mueller’s crooked top prosecutor Andrew Weissmann has just nabbed a book deal with a publisher to write about the special counsel investigation into ‘Trump-Russia.’

Because the obscene amount of money Weissmann made (on taxpayer dime) on a fraudulent and criminal investigation wasn’t enough — now he’s going to sling books based on lies.

According to a report out by The New York Times, Weissmann is the first special counsel prosecutor to land a book deal.

According to the Times, Weissmann’s book has been acquired by Random House publisher.

Liars Robert Mueller and his hitman Andrew Weissmann targeted General Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort for ruin — by any means necessary.

A few weeks ago, Deep State federal prosecutors released the full transcript from President Trump’s attorneys to General Michael Flynn’s attorneys.

Mueller and Weissmann used the phone call as evidence that Trump was attempting to interfere with the special counsel Russia collusion witch hunt.

Robert Mueller and his “pit bull” Andrew Weissmann manipulated the transcript and lied about the call.

Weissmann has a history of corruption and was heavily involved in the take down of accounting firm Arthur Andersen and instead of facing justice, he is now teaching at New York University’s law school and selling books.

Top defense attorney Sidney Powell called Weissmann the “kingpin of prosecutorial misconduct.”

“Weissmann has a pattern of wrecking lives with his prosecutorial terrorist tactics, then slinking away when someone catches on to his tactics and before the reversals start rolling in,” Sidney Powell recently wrote.

This is how the swamp operates — destroy innocent lives then write books and travel around the world on a media tour smearing those innocent people.

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