HANNITY ON FIRE! Top FOX Host Erupts On Deep State’s “Despicable, Disgusting” Abuse of General Flynn (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity opened his Thursday show with a critique of the liberal mainstream media and then he quickly moved to the Deep State’s outrageous abuse of General Michael Flynn.

Sean Hannity went off on the deep state for their “despicable” and “disgusting” treatment of General Michael Flynn. With each new day we are learning more and more on the lies and selective editing in the Mueller Report.

This comes after news broke earlier today that General Flynn abruptly fired his legal team and hired a new, high-profile attorney.


Sean Hannity: Tonight, my advice to General Flynn is this. Get your new lawyers, move forward with your legal team, withdraw that plea and fight this in court. Because you do not deserve the set up that was Comey and McCabe. That is a national, despicable, disgusting, disgrace what they did to him! No collusion, no cospiracy for Trump or anyone on his campaign. An American hero’s reputation should not be destroyed by people of power bragging about abusing that power!

Via Hannity:

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