Grandmother and 4-Year-Old Grandson Stabbed to Death in Home – Suspect Streamed His Getaway Live on Facebook

A grandmother and her four-year-old grandson were found stabbed to death in their home in Willingboro, New Jersey.

The suspect streamed his getaway on Facebook.

6ABC reported:


As sirens could be heard in the background with police in pursuit he says, ‘Cops on me’ in an obscenity-laced diatribe.

The sound of screeching tires could also be heard as he’s driving recklessly through the streets of Camden.

“Seatbelt off, I love y’all,” he says moments before crashing into a utility pole and taken into police custody.

A domestic dispute between the boy’s mother and her ex-boyfriend is believed to have led to the stabbings. The mother was able to escape. Authorities have not yet released the suspects name or those of the victims.

If this would have happened on VOAT or 8Chan the deep state would have shut it down by now.

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