General Flynn Abruptly Fires His Lawyers Ahead of Sentencing – Hires New, High-Profile Lawyer… DiGenova?

General Mike Flynn

General Mike Flynn abruptly fired his lawyers ahead of his sentencing.

It was revealed in a court filing Thursday that Flynn notified his lawyers Robert Kelner and Stephen Anthony that he is “terminating” them and has already replaced them with new lawyers.

One America News reporter Jack Posobiec says General Flynn’s new lawyer is very high profile and appears on TV regularly.

“A name everyone will recognize.”

It’s not Rudy or Dershowitz, but Joe DiGenova responded to a reporter’s inquiry, “We are not at liberty to discuss.”

General Mike Flynn was targeted by Obama’s Deep State thugs for ruin.

Flynn’s phone calls to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Trump Transition were unmasked and illegally leaked to the Washington Post in January of 2017 in order to frame him.

FBI counter-intel chief Peter Strzok and Special Agent Joe Pientka ambushed Flynn and interrogated him without his lawyer present in order to entrap him.

In December of 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the feds after Mueller and his team of KGB thugs targeted him for financial ruin.

General Flynn is awaiting sentencing after it was delayed back in December.


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