This Explains A Lot… Far Left Wikipedia Founder and Trump-Basher Refers to ALL Trump Supporters as ‘Cultists’ as President Lands in London

Jimmy Wales is an American Internet entrepreneur and a co-founder of the online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Today as US President Donald Trump touched down in London on his first official state visit to Britain Wales tweeted several derogatory remarks against President Trump and his supporters.

Jimmy Wales called Trump supporters “cultists”


Via Jack Posobiec:

Wikipedia still categorizes “spygate” as a “conspiracy theory” after EVERY major news publisher has reported that Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos was spied on during the 2016 election.

Jimmy Wales continued his attacks against Trump by retweeting this attack on the US president.

And Jimmy retweeted this tweet by lunatic Louise Mensch.

It is widely known that Wikipedia smears and lies about many conservatives (including The Gateway Pundit) and promotes leftist dogma.
So it makes sense that their founder is a raging anti-Trump nutcase.

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