Evidence Now Shows Dirty Cops in the FBI Fought Over Using Bogus Steele Dossier to Obtain Carter Page FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump

Evidence is now unearthed that suggests that FBI Deep State dirty cop Peter Strzok was in an argument with another Deep State dirty cop by the name of Stu Evans shortly before the Carter Page FISA warrant was applied for.

These corrupt cops were arguing over the contents of the Steele dossier indicating they knew the Steele dossier was bogus but they used it anyway to obtain the FISA warrant.

Former Clinton friend and advisor, Dick Morris suggested in February 2018 that the Steele dossier might have been made up by the Clintons and that Steele was only used to provide it some credibility:

“The reason Hillary hired Fusion [GPS] is because she needed someone more credible than Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer to float these charges,” Morris alleges.

Just as the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee used intermediaries in financing the Steele dossier to keep its fingerprints off a document styled as intelligence and not opposition research, Shearer allegedly used the tactic of laundering to ensure that his information looked as though coming from a clean source rather than a political dirty trickster.

In April 2018 Real Clear Politics reported that they had received a 2nd copy of the Steele dossier that came from individuals related to the Clintons.

In late September 2016, Sidney Blumenthal, a close Clinton confidant and colleague of Shearer’s, passed Shearer’s dossier on to State Department official Jonathan M. Winer, a longtime aide to John Kerry on Capitol Hill and at Foggy Bottom.

According to Winer’s account in a Feb. 8, 2018 Washington Post op-ed, he shared the contents of the Shearer dossier with the author of the first dossier, ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who submitted part of it to the FBI to further substantiate his own investigation into the Trump campaign.

Real Clear Politics also noted that:

The only Trump campaign figures named are Donald Trump himself and his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, misspelled as “Manniford.” Shearer may be hinting at a third person when he quotes, without substantiation, a Turkish businessman saying a Russian source knows of a “cut out” or intermediary through whom the prospective “president of the U.S.” would communicate “into President Putin’s office.” The version of the two memos RCI has seen is undated.

We now also know from Strzok – Lisa Page text messages that there were discussions before the Carter Page FISA warrant was applied for related to using the Steele dossier to obtain it.

According to a post at Politics Central, FBI dirty cops Stu Evans and Peter Strzok were wrestling over the Carter Page FISA warrant?

2016-10-11 6:21 pm Peter Strzok text: Currently fighting with Stu [Evans] for this FISA [source]

Apparently, the controversy was over the source of the information:

The outcome of that internal controversy was that the FBI, in a rather cowardly fashion, abdicated its investigative responsibilities by laying the blame for the information at the feet of the State Department (and this despite the fact that the person doing the interviewing, Kathleen Kavalec, had zero training in investigative techniques):

Stu Evans was in charge of handling FISA applications for the Justice Department [source].  Apparently, Evans was so concerned about the Carter Page FISA warrant issue that Evans’ boss had to intervene and put the squeeze on Evans to go forward with this:

Lisa Page: “I communicated you [Strzok] and boss’s [McCabe] green light to Stu earlier, and just sent an email to Stu asking where things stood. This might take a high-level push,” she wrote [source].

The FBI was having challenges using the information it received from the State Department because they undoubtedly knew it was all a sham.  The dossier contained sections related to Hillary goon Cody Shearer that misspelled Paul Manafort’s name.

Information provided to the FBI from the State Department had notes that misspelled Paul Manafort’s name in a unique spelling.

Kathleen Kavalec took notes from a meeting with Steele where she misspelled Manafort’s name in a similar fashion (Manaferd) as in creepy Shearer’s memo –

It looks like Steele provided Kavalec in Kerry’s State Department the bogus dossier after he received it from others in the State Department. Kavalec then provided this to the FBI.

Congressman Mark Meadows said that the Steele dossier and therefore the Mueller report is built on a “foundation of sand”.

The dossier was a sham and the FBI knew it.  They fought over using it.  Ultimately it was used as a means to obtain a warrant to spy on candidate and President Trump in the greatest acts of corruption in US history.

It looks more and more like the entire Steele dossier was not only paid for by the Hillary campaign but may have been created by the Hillary campaign as well. The whole thing was a manufactured sham used by the Deep State to attempt a coup of the Trump administration.

Hat tip D. Manny

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