DEFINITIVE PROOF that FACEBOOK Is Allowing Vile Leftist Pages To Dominate Platform While Silencing Conservatives

In 2016 100% Fed Up was one of the top conservative websites in America due to their massive presence on Facebook.

100% Fed Up was also pro-Trump.

That all changed after the surprise win by Donald Trump.

Since January 2017 100% Fed Up, like The Gateway Pundit and several others, saw their traffic from Facebook wiped out.

Conservatives have seen as much as a 93% elimination of traffic by Facebook.

But many liberal sites are booming.

On Friday 100% Fed Up posted definitive proof of how Facebook is allowing vile leftist pages to dominate the platform while at the same time eliminating conservative voices.

We are posting much of their report here on The Gateway Pundit.
Please check out 100% Fed Up for their complete findings.

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In June 2018, we traveled to Washington D.C. with The Gateway Pundit owner Jim Hoft, where we met with several top lawmakers, including Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). Each lawmaker we met with seemed genuinely concerned with the effect it would have on future elections if Facebook and their fellow left-leaning tech giants were allowed to control the narrative of the news. Many of the lawmakers didn’t understand how Facebook worked and were uncertain about how to deal with the serious threat of censorship from the tech giants. All of them asked us to bring evidence of unfair treatment with conservative pages versus liberal pages.

It’s been one year since we met with lawmakers in D.C. who asked us to provide them with evidence of favoritism by Facebook for left-leaning political pages over pro-Trump, conservative pages. After one year of watching the unfair treatment for pages who dare to support President Trump, we finally have evidence of a far-left, facts-challenged page which operates under a completely separate set of rules on Facebook.

Occupy Democrats, a far-left Facebook page that’s dedicated to pushing hatred for President Trump, his family, his administration, and his supporters, has over 7.7 million “Likes” (followers) with weekly engagement numbers hovering around 40 million. Since 2015, the site has seen gained an astounding 7.2 million new followers. The owners of Occupy Democrats, Rafael, and Omar Rivero are twin brothers; they are also Mexican immigrants.

In 2017,  while 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook traffic was down by 90%, the Miami New Times interviewed the Rivero brothers about their amazing success with their Occupy Democrats Facebook page, saying, “according to a recent analysis by BuzzFeed, it [Occupy Democrats] wields more influence, at least on Facebook, than virtually any other news source in America.

In spite of multiple fact-check violations by third-party fact-checkers used by Facebook, the growth of Occupy Democrats’ Facebook page continued to explode. Only three weeks ago, their audience engagement numbers were at 43.1 million. 100% Fed Up’s engagement numbers for the same week were at 198K.

The Rivero brothers appear to have some powerful friends in D.C. On the cover of both of their personal Facebook pages, the Rivero brothers can be seen sitting with 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is obviously a fan of the Occupy Democrats Facebook page owners.

Rafael Rivero frequently posts vulgar images of President Trump from his “Liker” website on his personal Facebook page. He created the social media “Liker” website to compete with Facebook.

Images like the one below of Jesus Christ “drowning” President Trump with the copy “LOL” above the image, are commonly found on the Occupy Democrat page:

Last week, Facebook identified the image depicting President Trump about to fall to his death from the top of a skyscraper as one of their “top posts.” The copy accompanying the Occupy Democrats vile image asks, “Be honest, what would you do in this situation?”  Within days, the image had over 13K shares.

74K Facebook users responded to Occupy Democrats question to their readers, asking if they were given a chance, would they kill President Trump?

The image below of a Hispanic American was used on by Occupy Democrats without his permission. We spoke with the legal immigrant from Columbia, whose image they used in this post. He’s considering suing them for using it without his consent.

The far-left Daily Beast trashed Omar Rivero’s “Liker” site, calling it a “hive of false claims about President Trump, many of them taken from the Occupy Democrats Facebook page.

Despite the absolute fake news and filth posted on Occupy Democrats the Facebook page continues to see remarkable growth. This is happening at the same time conservatives are being silenced and eliminated.

This is absolute proof that Facebook is picking winners and losers. And this filthy website somehow is dominating the field.

Read the entire report here.

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