Clinton-Appointed Federal Judge Gives Democrats Go-Ahead to Probe Trump’s Finances in Lawsuit

Here we go again.

President Trump suffered a set back on Tuesday when he lost a bid to halt a lawsuit brought by over 200 rabid Congressional Democrats who are seeking a DC federal court to require that Trump get approval from lawmakers before he accepts any financial benefits from foreign governments, reported Bloomberg.

In other words, loser Democrat lawmakers, who couldn’t even run a successful lemonade stand, are targeting president Trump and accusing him of violating the very rarely litigated emoluments clause of the US Constitution by claiming his luxury hotels which are blocks from the White House is evidence Trump is receiving benefits.


The emoluments clause is a provision that bars US presidents from accepting gifts from foreign governments without permission from Congress first.

US District Judge Emmett Sullivan (the same judge assigned to General Flynn’s case), a Clinton appointee on Tuesday denied Trump’s request to stop the lawsuit.

The 2017 lawsuit against Trump was led by Stolen Valor fraud Senator Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal (D-CT).

Bloomberg reported:

In a pair of orders issued Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan denied Trump’s request to halt the lawsuit so he could immediately appeal Sullivan’s earlier refusals to dismiss the case. The decision means the 2017 lawsuit led by U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut can proceed.

In a separate order, the judge said lawmakers can begin collecting evidence to support their claims on June 28, but must wrap up that process by Sept. 27.

The president’s lawyers say money flows into his businesses legally. The judge has not yet made a final determination on that issue.

Noting the lawmakers told him they can quickly gather evidence and that both sides say final briefs can be submitted within six months, Sullivan ruled that Trump’s lawyers hadn’t met their burden of showing a mid-case appeal would significantly speed up resolution of the case.

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