Carter Page Says He Was a Source For the CIA For Decades Before He Became a Subject of Federal Investigation (VIDEO)

Former Trump 2016 campaign advisor Carter Page sat down for an exclusive interview on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo.

Carter Page says he was a source for many US government agencies including the CIA, FBI and State Department before they spun it around on him and made him the subject of surveillance and a federal investigation.

Yet another Mueller report omission!


Carter Page also said he was helping the government for free.

“Oh, by the way, doing it for free,” Carter Page said slamming the FBI for making 11 payments to dossier author Christopher Steele during the 2016 election.

“I was asked various questions, not only by State, FBI, etc, but also CIA,” Carter Page said. “I had a long-standing relationship with the CIA going back decades essentially, and I was always very transparent and open.”

“Unfortunately, it was completely spun that as you’re correctly alluding to in this fake Mueller report, they just refer to this as oh, he’s, you know, colluding, if you will, with these Russian intelligence officers,” he said. “I mean, I’m acting as a source, completely helping our government.”

And the Mueller report conveniently left this important piece of information OUT.

The FBI obtained FOUR FISA warrants on Carter Page even though he was a source for the FBI and CIA for DECADES.

According to the FISA docs, the FBI made it sound like Carter Page was a traitor who was working on behalf of the Russian government — when in fact he was working as a source for the US government.

The first FISA warrant on Page was granted in October of 2016 and the fourth and final FISA warrant on Page, which was signed by Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe, was granted in June of 2017.

The FBI used the FISA court to spy on Carter Page for nearly a year yet he was never even charged with a crime. What evidence on Carter Page was the FBI presenting to the FISA judges?


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