BREAKING: At Least 1 Dead in Midtown Manhattan After Helicopter Crashes Into Building (VIDEOS)

One pilot was killed after a helicopter crashed into a building in Midtown Manhattan on Monday afternoon.

The helicopter crash took place on top of 787 7th Avenue.

According to reports only the pilot was on board of the helicopter when it crashed in rainy, foggy conditions.

Video of the helicopter flying erratically before it crashed:

Video of building shortly after the helicopter crashed:


Governor Andrew Cuomo is on the scene. Preliminary information indicates the helicopter made a forced landing on the roof of the high rise, reported CBS News.

“The preliminary information is that there was a helicopter that made a forced landing, an emergency landing or landed on the roof of the building for one reason or another. There was a fire that happened when the helicopter hit the roof. People who were in the building said they felt the building shake. The fire department believes the fire is under control. There may have been casualties involved in people in the helicopter,” Cuomo said. “We don’t know what caused the helicopter to land on top of the building but people in the building itself, nobody has been hurt.”

Story is still developing…please check back for updates.

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