Black Trump Supporter’s “Liberalism Is Terrorism” Trump Truck Triggers Portland Snowflakes

Imagine you’re a Trump-hating snowflake in the heart of Marxist-run Portland, Oregon. Now imagine you see a truck driving around with giant Trump stickers on it, along with conservative and pro-America messages. Now imagine that you’re so enraged that you can’t help but jump out of your bike lane to go and confront the non-conformist.

Then you find out it’s a black dude who is up for a rational debate but can’t be goaded into reacting in a threatening manner.

Jay Vaughn Newton is the man behind the wheel of not one, but two of these trucks, causing liberal heads to explode all through the Portland area. “They’re shocked when they see this and this is why i put on the side of both of my trucks ‘Proud black Trump deplorable’ because Hillary Clinton said anyone who is supporting Trump is a deplorable American. So I said okay, well I’m gonna be a proud black Trump deplorable. I put this on not one, but two of my trucks, and I drive them proudly without fear. They have nothing to say. They give me looks, they give me glares, they give me the finger, they flip me the bird, they jump in front of me, they slam their breaks on, they’ve tried running me off the road,” Newton tells The Gateway Pundit.

“It’s hilarious when I wear my MAGA cap, when I’m in the grocery store or wherever, because people will try to avoid me. It’s almost like I’m infectious, like I have a contagious disease. People will veer away from me and look at me in confusion, like they’re afraid, like I’m a monster, and I just look and I smile and I wave at their kids.”

Newton explains why he has all of these stickers and messages boldly displayed on his trucks. The roots of his messages were planted in the 1960’s, during LBJ’s welfare program launch. “Lyndon B. Johnson was the one who said ‘We will give welfare to the black women, but their husbands, fathers of their children, and men have to leave.’ That was the first separation of families right there. But nobody talks about that. So when they went out there with their little fake news speeches back then ‘We will be build high rise condominiums and feed your families and take care of your children’ Those high rise condominiums are the projects now.”

One of the messages on his trucks reads “Democrats were the largest supporters of racial segregation and the KKK during hte 1960’s civil rights movement. Be careful who you vote for.”

Newton elaborates, “During the 60’s, the democrats were the largest supporters of segregation. They were the founders of the KKK. They remove all of these facts from history and from these schools so that children do not know the true history of this country. They’re in denial, they’ll never admit this, and then they’ll say that ‘well, republicans are racist against blacks.’ Blacks have been supporting democrats for the past over 40 years, what have democrats given back to the black community? This isn’t about race, this is about our country and the direction of our country.”

“What made me conservative was my family always said ‘when you grow up, you make sure that you vote for democrats, because democrats help black people’ and I didn’t understand that. I couldn’t disrespect them because i was raised with morals and values to respect your elders and stay in your place as a child. But the majority of my family were welfare recipients. It’s unfortunate that the black population have been raised the way that my family tried to brainwash me. ‘Democrats help black people.’ No, that slave mentality era is over. And when they said that to me and they knew that I had a gun in my face 2 years prior to them telling me that, it sparked me to go and read. I wanted to see what was going on. Who were the democrats? Who were the republicans? And I started reading and learning and here I am today as a man. I have my own mind.”

Newton recalls the interactions his family had with the social workers when he was a child. “When I was a kid, my parents were on welfare, I grew up as a welfare recipient child. And when I was a kid, white people would come to my house and knock on the door and my mom would have to let them in. I didn’t know, I was a young child, 6, 7 years old. It was the case workers. And they knock on the door and my mom would have to let them in and they would walk through the house, and they’d look in all the closets, and check the house, and my mom had to hide my dad’s clothes in my sisters closet. My sisters had the biggest closet, it was 4 sisters in one room and they have the biggest closet and so my mom would pile my sisters’ clothes, they weren’t dirty, but she would pile them on my dad’s clothes and so when they’d open that closet, my mom would tell the social worker ‘Oh this is my dirty clothes, linen closet right here. That’s all dirty clothes’ and the social workers would look down their noses at us and go “Oh, well, that’s ok, I can see it” then they’d immediately close the door. They wouldn’t even pull the clothes up to see what was underneath the clothes. If they knew that my father was there they would immediately cut aid. As a kid, I didn’t know. I would ask my mom ‘who was that?’ and she’d say ‘oh that’s the social worker’ but I didn’t know as a child. When I got older, and I started learning different things about social services, and welfare, then I knew and came to understand ‘wow, they treated us like animals’ when my mom would take me with her to go to these welfare offices, how they would talk down to my mom and like she was nothing. They were all white people. And they talked down to my mom like she was nothing, and I’m looking at these people and the tone of voice they would use with my mom in talking to her, I’m figuring out, well shes going here for welfare. I just knew that this was the money that took care of us and how she had to get the check to get the food to feed us. As I got older and I started learning and reading, and that’s where I found out that that’s what was going on. It was horrific, unacceptable.”

So what are some of the potential solutions to improve black communities? Newton mentions some of the normal things and one not-so-standard option. “There needs to be drug testing for welfare and for people who are getting Social Security disability. I have a brother, he’s stronger and taller than me, and he’s on SSDI because he claims to be crazy and the government will hand that out because that will weaken you and break you down and prevent you from working and becoming a taxpaying citizen. What’s to be given to you? You have two arms and legs, you can get up and work, you’re able-bodied just like me. My sisters they try to work the government, pretending like they’re crazy to get social security benefits, pretending like they’re ill. They get Section 8 housing, welfare, food stamps, unemployment, they go on to work for 6 months then getting hurt on the job accidentally on purpose. What do you want given to you? Why can you not work for it? Why does something have to be given to you? Why do you feel like you need to be owed something?

“You have Kamala [Harris] down there in California, talking about giving black people reparations. Reparations? More than 50% of the black population gets high, uses drugs, and smokes weed. How could you even dare let something like that come out of your mouth? And I’m a black man and I know this. That’s all black people wanna do, is smoke, get high, and lay back, and put people’s daughters into prostitution, and drug rings, and gang members, why would you want to give a population like that reparations when they’re not trying to do anything to better themselves? Nor is the system trying to do anything to promote them to better themselves. So it’s a vicious cycle.”

And there are sad real life consequences to this. One of the stickers on his trucks reads “Can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em.” Newton elaborates: “I have 6 sisters, and of those 6 sisters, 5 of them have children. Fatherless children. Multiple children don’t where the daddies are. They’re quick to impregnate all these black women and white women too. They’ll impregnate a woman in a heartbeat. but they wont’ take care of the children. Then the women, they’ll go crying to the government for welfare. And then at the taxpayers expense, we have to pay for that. Many of these men have been incarcerated multiple times, perhaps we need to change our laws and start castrating these men who are getting incarcerated multiple times, and who have no record of paying taxes into the system. They give them conjugal visits, they allow them to get married to women, they make babies, while they’re in prison, and then the women get on welfare at taxpayer expense. “

But does he experience any racism? Of course. But he says it’s never been from any Trump supporters. “I’ve never had anything racial to come toward me from other conservatives or Trump supporters.” Predictably, the racism he’s experienced comes from the left. “When I was 18 years old I dated a Hispanic woman, Mexican woman, and her brother vowed to kill me because I’m black. He told the father that “in honor of the family, I vow to kill him” and I had to discontinue our relationship and break up with her. I heard the father tell her “if you continue to date this ‘pinche mayate’, the entire family will disown you” so many of the people south of the border are racist themselves, but they want to say that Trump is a racist. That’s not true. Trump has many blacks, Mexicans, people of all walks of life working for him. He’s not a racist.”

His coworkers have also harassed him. “In my place of employment, I’ve been a called “race traitor” by white people. When I put this sticker up with my gun family, instead of a goofy stick family, and then “I don’t dial 911,” all of a sudden they went to management and said ‘If you don’t do something about getting his truck moved from our lot, then we will go to HR” so the senior manager came out took pictures, proactively, before they could take it to HR and sent picture to HR. Senior management came back and said ‘It’s private property, it’s his 1st Amendment Constitutional right, and there’s nothing threatening or intimidating on his truck.’ And since then those 11 individuals walk around stone-faced with me. I’m the same polite, professional, courteous person that I’ve always been since I’ve been with the company. I mean no harm but at the same time I’m not going to be silenced. If you could ride around with rainbow stickers and Bernie stickers on the back of your car and Hillary ‘it’s time for a woman’ stickers on your car, then what’s wrong with me riding around with a proud black Trump deplorable?”

Despite the animosity directed toward him, he does get people showing their support, striking up conversations with him in parking lots or giving him the thumbs up on the road. Some of his coworkers quietly voice their support, but they are scared of retaliation from other coworkers if they get too vocal.

Yet another message on his trucks reads “Stop using my race for your cause,” and Newton is happy to speak more about that. “Many of the liberal democrats and socialist democrats, they want to victimize racism and different demographics of people and so they use the blacks. Now they’re using the Mexicans like they did with the blacks back in the 60’s. “We will feed you” they said in the 60’s “we will feed your families and we will build high rises” it was all to get the vote. Once they get the vote of the minority, it doesn’t matter who you are, they’re going to turn their backs on you and look at you like you’re gum on the bottom of their shoes. So “stop using my race for your cause” means exactly what it says. Stop preaching your, whatever you want to call it, to try to get a vote. because you don’t really mean what you’re saying and that’s the whole problem with the democrats have with President Donald Trump, is that not only does he say what he means, but he means what he says, unlike them.”

Despite the modern day schisms in race relations, Newton says he still feels a strong connections to the civil rights leaders of yesteryear. “MLK was a republican. MLK was against illegal immigration, because they took jobs away from black people here in America, but they don’t talk about that in the history books either. You have to go back and see for yourself to understand. If you look at all of his viewpoints in what he said, he was a republican conservative. Frederick Douglass, he was an abolitionist. I read his biography and it was very emotional to read, what all he went through and to see what the black communities are doing now for his cause.”

Newton even speaks highly of the more militant black historical figures, such as Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, and Robert F Williams, citing again that it all changed with LBJ in the 60’s.

Regard the Black Lives Matter movement and figures such as Al Sharpton? He has a very personal story to address that. “Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson are in it for the money. They can kiss my ass. I don’t give a damn about either one of them. Farrakhan, he’s a loony toon. Coming from Oakland, California, I had 11 people in my family murdered. My oldest son was murdered 2 years ago. My son’s never sold drugs, never held a gun, never shot a gun, but he was killed.” Why was he killed? Because he was driving a nice car through the ghettos. “His mother bought him a brand new Charger. You got this young kid coming over here in a brand new Charger, and then you go these ignorant black men, they killed my son.”

“In the liberals’ eyes, we’re the gum of their shoes. They don’t care about us. I’ve had 11 people in my family murdered, all at the hands of black people. So when a cop kills a black man, then all of a sudden black people want to rise up and march like MLK, ‘We shall overcome’ and it’s like wait a minute, hold on. It’s not OK for one white man to kill one black man, who probably had a probably had a criminal record, was probably doing something he had no business doing, probably was in to mischief that that the call was called on, but then you have all this 100, 200, 500, 1000, black people who are killed by black people and then black people will turn they back ‘Oh I’m no saying nothing, I’m not no snitch, snitches get stitches.’ A black man is quick to kill another black man. They’ll kill a black man before they kill another white man. And that’s why black on black crime is so high, look at Chicago.”

But the conversation continually shifted back toward Trump, and Newton tells us that in decades past, black folks used to look up to Donald Trump, wanting to be like him.

“Trump’s not a racist. When I was young I used to have three to four jobs at a time, and my friends back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, they used to call me Donald Trump, before I even knew who he was. “Who was that?” “He’s a multi millionaire, you’ve got all these cars, and you’re doing all this, ahh here comes Donald Trump” and I was just like “Oh, ok, well, whatever.” The rapper E 40 mentioned Donald Trump in his songs, saying “I’m trying to make some Trump change, not chump change” that was like 20 years ago, now all of a sudden everyone wants, the uneducated, the uninformed, and illiterate, want to say that Donald Trump is a racist and that’s just not true. Whereas 10 years ago they wanted to be like Donald Trump.”

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