WTH? Democrat Ilhan Omar Complains in House Hearing that Trump Administration Is Droning Islamic Terrorists in Africa “To Death” (VIDEO)

Democrat Ilhan Omar on Thursday complained during the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing that the Trump administration is droning the terrorists “to death” in Africa.

Rep. Ilhan Omar: I just wanted to really get into this horrific reign of terror and its spread in Africa, and we oftentimes are really dealing with this issue, and it seems that we are attempting to drone it to death. … In Somalia, particularly in dealing with al-Shabaab, since President Trump has gotten elected, the number of drones have increased, but the number of attacks al-Shabaab has been able to carry out has also tripled. We also know the same to be true for Boko Haram…

Trump administration Ms. Lenihan assured the Minnesota Democrat that the administration is also taking other actions and partnering with the government to assist with the terror threat.

Ilhan Omar continued: “It seems like there is a direct correlation between the droning and an increase in their assaults. Their recruitment seems to increase because of the civilian casualties. How do we mitigate that?”

Ilhan then took a swipe at Trump: “As an African on this committee when you have a president who uses language like sh*thole countries it makes it really hard for people in Africa to really think of themselves of being in partnership with the United States.”


Via The House Foreign Affairs Committee:

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