Unapologetic Taliban Terrorist John Walker Lindh –Who Praised ISIS in 2015 – Is Released from Prison

Unrepentant American terrorist John Walker Lindh was released from prison on Thursday.

The former Taliban member was the first American captured while fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
He was charged with being a terrorist trained by al Qaeda who conspired with the Taliban against Americans.

in 2015 Walker Lindh wrote a letter praising ISIS killers.


He was released despite his continued support of radical Islam.

Yahoo reported:

John Walker Lindh, the US Muslim convert who came to be known as the “American Taliban” after being captured while fighting in Afghanistan in 2001, was released Thursday after serving 17 years in a federal prison.

The US Bureau of Prisons confirmed his early morning release from the federal high security prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

His lawyer Bill Cummings told CNN that 38-year-old Lindh, suspected by some of still harboring radical Islamic views, will settle in Virginia under strict probation terms that limit his ability to go online or contact other Islamists.

Known as “Detainee 001” in the US War on Terror, Lindh’s early release on an original 20-year sentence has resurrected memories of the September 11 attacks, when he became for many Americans one of the faces of the jihadist threat against the United States.

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