Trump Tears into Pelosi: “She’s a Mess, Let’s Face It… It’s a Do Nothing Congress… She’s Lost it” (VIDEO)

President Trump responded on Thursday afternoon to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tirade on Thursday morning.

Pelosi was in rare form on Thursday told the media President Trump knows he committed a ‘cover-up.’ Pelosi accused the Trump administration of killing children at the border. And Pelosi ended her speech calling on the Trump family to hold an intervention on the president.

President Trump called on his staff who were at Wednesday’s meeting with Democrats to tell the truth about what happened in their meeting with Democrats in the White House.


President Trump tore into Pelosi and the “do-nothing Congress” that only wants to harass him and investigate rather than helping the American people.

Trump on Pelosi, “She’s a mess… Let’s face it… It’s a do nothing congress… She’s lost it.”

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