Tomorrow’s News Today: Liberal Fake News Media Finally Catches Up to The Gateway Pundit in Reporting Stories We Wrote Over a Year Ago

Guest post by Joe Hoft

This past week numerous stories in the news were unearthed related to dirty cop Mueller’s investigation and Obama’s corrupt Deep State.  We’re proud to boast that these stories were reported at the Gateway Pundit months ago.

The Gateway Pundit is leading the news and we share the truth unlike the fake news media.  This past week we were rewarded as numerous stories we have reported over the past year or two finally came to light in the mainstream media.

The New York Times reported a couple of days ago that Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos was spied on by a ‘honeypot’ used by the Obama Deep State.


In September 2018 we reported that not one single liberal mainstream media outlet carried the Papadopoulos revelation that the Obama DOJ set him up! We did but they didn’t until finally a few days ago!

Republican Representative Devin Nunes announced on Hannity on Friday night that dirty cop Robert Mueller in his report lied to the American people.

Mueller shared that Joseph Mifsud, who met with George Papadopoulos was a Russian spy which is not true.

We reported months ago that Mifsud more likely worked for the US Deep State than Russia. 

In May of 2018 we reported that Mifsud even has ties to far left agitator George Soros.

The far left New York Times finally mentioned on April 11th that Stefan Halper was a spy used by the Obama intelligence community to spy on Trump during the 2016 campaign.

We first noted that Halper was spying on the Trump team a year ago in May 2018.  We even reported on the fact the Halper was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for his spying.

Also, this past week the New York times reported that shockingly the UK was working with Obama in spying on the Trump campaign.

We confirmed this in May of 2018 as well as we pointed out the numerous ties to the UK rather than Russia being involved in the spying on candidate and then President Trump.

These are just a few of the recent stories confirmed by the slowpokes in the fake news media that we reported months ago related to the Obama Deep State coup of candidate and President Trump.

We are glad that they FINALLY joined us in reporting the truth.

Since the 2016 election The Gateway Pundit has been slandered, sued, shadow-banned, censored and smeared. Still, our numbers continue to grow. 

People don’t like to be lied to and they are attracted to the truth. 

Thank you for trusting us!

Our request of you is to keep ahead of the news by continuing to read the Gateway Pundit!

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