Guest post by Ted Malloch

Rarely in political life is something so completely and mouthwateringly delicious.

Nigel Farage is that good!


He is Trumpian, by George, or should I say John Bull?

His new party – the Brexit Party – is way ahead in the UK polls for the European Union elections to take place on May the 23rd.

This is happening because the Prime Minister could not get her lame deal through Parliament and cannot deliver Brexit to which she committed herself 101 times over.

She has failed: utterly and miserably. Her party is in tatters.

No worry, Nigel will sort it.

Check out the new Brexit Party production — It is spectacular!

Dissatisfaction with both the Labour left and the Tory right in the UK is at an all-time high. The political class is the enemy of Brexit.

People want to throw them all out – just like they’ve done with Tory councilors in the recent local ballot.

Who stands to gain?

One Nigel Farage—the grandfather of Brexit and the cleverest political creature of his generation.

Nigel’s plan is brilliant.

He will win the EU battle and then position his new party to deliver a real, clean Brexit very shortly in an upcoming UK election.

His candidate recruitment for the European elections went extremely well (unlike previous such efforts with UKIP) and there is no reason to think the candidate recruitment drive for MP will be any different.

With the Conservative Party in shambles and the PM soon out of a job – not to mention Labour run by Marxist loonies –Nigel will be the only sane, patriot running.

History has given him the keys to the kingdom.

He will field a dream team of candidates to take over Westminster or at minimum put a deep dent in the First Past the Post system.

His plan is radical, nationalist and anti-globalist.

But first the sweetest part.

By winning the largest portion of the UK seats in the new EU Parliament, Farage will be in the drivers seat in Brussels.

He will be what is called, “a kingmaker.”

Imagine the strategic vision to stay on as President of the EFDD group throughout the whole Brexit debacle.

Farage, who retired from the leadership of UKIP after the vote in 2016, has kicked out his old party from his group, and started mobilizing the grassroots “Leave Means Leave” group together with businessman, Richard Tice, who is now the Brexit Party Chairman (and a Tory Defector!).

His lot could easily be the single largest party in the entire EU.

With the (official) announcement that Britain is taking part in the EU elections, the Brexit Party is likely to shoot up in the polls even more – into the 40s and perhaps even break 50%.

And this in a EU that Britain is leaving!

An ironic twist of justice, indeed. How’s that for a second referendum?

Combine that with the stunning whipping the Salvini-led coalition is going to stage from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria through to Le Pen in France and the AfD in Germany, the Nordic right and the FvD in the Netherlands to Vox in Spain, lest I forget Italy itself, where the numbers for the Lega are most impressive, and you have nothing short of a Revolution.

The Alliance for Common Sense – a coalition between the EFDD, ECR and former ENF parties – could actually takeover the EU Parliament and other European institutions.

They could stop globalism in its very tracks and restore a Europe of freedom and nation states, with direct democracy used to reform the union while conserving what works.

Such an Alliance, empowered by the presidency of the European Commission and the college of commissioners could do a deal with Trump and restore the transatlantic relationship that won the last war.

Only Farage can speak to POTUS as a near equal – and populist rabble-rouser who changed the politics of their respective countries forever.

And who would be better to lead this than the person who knows Brussels and its devious ways better than anyone else?

Yes, Nigel Farage.


He is the most complete Eurosceptic on the menu: Ask him about anything from the common fisheries policy all the way up to financial regulation, Farage is a walking Eurosceptic encyclopedia, ready to roll off statistics on migrant flows and international trade negotiations, you name it.


This is the globalists’ worst nightmare, proposing a Unified Theory of Euroscepticism — and a twofer.


First, Nigel Farage insures a true Brexit; and second, he could become president of an altogether different EU.


You have to pinch yourself.


This is not a dream – he may soon have the votes.


Nigel Farage for President of the Commission!


If not that, how about Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?


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