Speaker Pelosi Backs Down on Impeachment Talk After President Trump Rips Into Her

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been beating the impeachment drum lately because she is being pressured by members of her Democrat House caucus to remove President Trump from office. 

Just hours after her dust-up with President Trump at the White House Wednesday morning, Pelosi told a liberal conference in DC that Trump may have committed an “impeachable offense” by “obstructing justice” and engaging in a “cover-up.”


Pelosi, who previously shied away from impeachment talk, stoked the flames this week with her inflammatory rhetoric.

“As they say, the cover-up is frequently worse than the crime,” Pelosi said citing one of the impeachment articles against President Nixon.

But by Thursday evening, Pelosi backed down from impeachment — “We’re not at that place,” Pelosi said Thursday after President Trump ripped into her.

Pelosi closed the House and sent home lawmakers Thursday evening for a 10-day Memorial Day recess and quelled calls to remove Trump from the White House.

Politico reported that Democrat lawmakers were handed a one-page messaging paper that urged lawmakers to talk up the party’s work on health care, infrastructure and weeding out corruption — the Democrat talking points left out calls for impeachment.

President Trump ripped into Nancy Pelosi and the “do nothing Congress” Thursday during a presser.

Trump on Pelosi, “She’s a mess… Let’s face it… It’s a do nothing congress… She’s lost it.”

It looks like Pelosi has backed off impeachment talks…for now.

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