Sharia Twitter Locks TGP’s Cristina Laila Out of Her Account Over 2-Yr-Old Tweet Critical of Islam – Forces Deletion

The tech tyrants are ramping up censorship of conservatives and Christians as we head into the 2020 presidential election cycle.

Twitter sent me a message Saturday morning letting me know that I had been locked out of my account for violating their very vague and ever-changing rules against “hateful conduct,” over a non-violent, non-threatening tweet I posted two years ago.

I was locked out of my account because two years ago, I defended President Trump against vicious attacks from Hasan Minhaj, an Indian-Muslim ‘comedian’ who smeared the President at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April of 2017.

Hasan Minhaj said during his roast that President Trump is the “liar-in-chief” and does not respect the 1st Amendment.

Ironically, Hasan even boasted that “only in America can a first-generation Indian American Muslim kid get on this stage and make fun of the president.”

Well, I am a first generation Armenian American Christian and I am being silenced by Twitter for defending my President and my beliefs. Let that sink in.

Twitter locked me out of my account for tweeting, “Muslim Hasan Minhaj blasted our President but has no problem with 1400 years of his ‘religions’ barbarism.” (screenshot below)

Sharia Twitter forced me to delete my tweet (screenshot below) in order for me to have access to my account. There is an option to appeal the violation, but who knows how long that would take. Furthermore, I am dealing with Christian-hating, Trump-hating tech tyrants who will most likely take forever to respond anyway.

Twitter Legal also delivered two death threats to me via email from the Pakistani government, who complained my tweets violated Pakistan’s Islamic blasphemy laws — did I mention that I’m an American citizen?

I am a writer, editor and I help run the breaking news desk at The Gateway Pundit so I must have access to Twitter.

President Trump uses Twitter (a public forum) to make announcements such as who he is hiring and firing so unfortunately it is a place I must have access to in order to work efficiently.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google are purging conservatives and violating the Communications Decency Act, section 230, yet members of Congress (save for a few) sit back silently and allow the tech companies to meddle in elections and violate section 230.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was right when he warned President Trump that if he does not deal with online bias against conservatives HE WILL NOT BE ELECTED in 2020 — there will be no one left to defend him.

I am a first generation American of Armenian descent. My Christian family suffered intense persecution in the Middle East and came to America for a better life away from Islam and now I am being silenced by far-left, pro-Islam tech tyrants.

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Cristina began writing for The Gateway Pundit in 2016 and she is now the Associate Editor.

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