President Trump ROASTS Democrats at Realtors Conference — “You Have to Take a Train to Hawaii… They Can’t Build a Train from San Francisco to Los Angeles!” (VIDEO)

President Trump spoke to the National Association of Realtors on Friday.

Trump ripped the Fake News media and their anonymous sources.
The president told the conference “There are no sources. It’s bullsh*t! Bullsh*t!”

And President Trump DESTROYED the Democrats and their Green New Deal and trains to Hawaii and Europe.


President Trump: They have 25 people now running for the office of president. And some of these people are stone cold crazy. (laughter and applause) I mean they’ll promote, they’re promoting the biggest socialist takeover in the history, really in the world. If you think, because this is the United States. They’re going to spend $100 trillion for a green new deal. Nobody has any idea what the hell it is. They know that you can’t take a plane anymore you have to take a train to Hawaii. (laughter) A train to Australia. Hey, if they can’t build from San Francisco to Los Angeles (laughter) what’s going to happen when they say, ‘Let’s build a train to Europe.”

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