Peak Handmaid’s Tale: NYC Woman Calls 911 on Red Umbrella She Mistook for Suicidal Liberal

A bright red umbrella with a light colored top set on a roof top in New York City prompted a woman from a block or or so away to call 911 because she thought it looked like a suicidal woman dressed in a Handmaid’s Tale costume about to jump to her death to make a political point.

The red garment and white cap Handmaid’s Tale costume has become a common protest costume for liberals in the Trump era:

New York City police investigated and found only the umbrella. The cops took it in stride with humor and an encouragement to report concerns even if they turn out to be unfounded.

Another woman wrote she had a similar concern:

Closer view of the umbrella:

The New York Post spoke to McCormick and reported details from police:

…The 30-year-old Brooklyn resident told The Post it was “startling” to see what she thought was a person at the top of a building from her office desk.

“There’s just so much going on [politically] it wouldn’t surprise me if someone was taking a stand and it became very scary,” said McCormick, citing recent anti-abortion legislation.

McCormick, who works at a media and publishing company, consulted with her coworkers and decided to call the NYPD.

…An NYPD spokeswoman confirmed they received a call relating to the incident at around 11 a.m. near West 27th Street and Park Avenue South — and that officers from the 13th precinct who responded “were able to access the building and upon investigation the person turned out to be an umbrella.”…

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