Obama’s Biggest Lie: “I am Scrupulous about Keeping Politics Out of the FBI” (Video)

This didn’t age well.
In November 2016 Barack Obama told Al Sharpton in one of his final interviews as president that historically presidents don’t use the FBI as a weapon for partisan arguments.

Then President Obama: Historically, both under Democratic and Republican administrations our goal has been and should be that our investigators and prosecutors are independent of politics. They’re not politicized. That they’re not used as a weapon to advantage either side in partisan arguments. And I want to make sure that we continue with that tradition and with that norm.

Obama made this claim more than once.

In February 2018 a report by Senator Ron Johnson revealed in a text between FBI lawyer Lisa Page and her lover Peter Strzok that “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing.”


The text message from September 2, 2016, suggests that “POTUS” Barack Obama wanted to be kept abreast on everything the FBI was doing in the Hillary Clinton investigation.

It is now clear that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign and Trump transition team.
This is the largest political scandal in US history.

Obama told many lies throughout his tenure as president.
But his lie about not using the FBI as a weapon may be one of his biggest.

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