NYU’s Commencement Speaker Spews Hatred of Israel, Calls for Boycott – Audience Cheers (VIDEO)

The American left does not even hide their hatred for Israel anymore.
Just ask Rep. Ilhan Omar.

This year’s graduation speaker at New York University labeled President Trump a fascist and then called for a boycott of the “apartheid state” of Israel in his speech.

And the audience cheered this gross anti-Semitic display.

Pamela Geller attended the graduation and suffered through the disgusting display.

Pamela Geller: I had the misfortune to witness the undergrad NYU ceremony yesterday at Radio City Music Hall….. This was not my first time at the rodeo so I knew what to expect. But this was a whole other level. There was no ‘education’ component to it. It was all propaganda for the most subversive, radical movements in American society. It was, from the first, an orgy of hard left poison. Colonialism! LGBT! Welfare! Socialism! Climate! Refugees! Islamic! Native American! Manhattan is actually Native American land – don’t ya know? The valedictorian from the graduation and post-grad ceremonies both were students at the NYU Dept.of Social and Cultural Analysis, the notorious school that recently ended its official relationaship with the Tel Aviv campus.

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