Nevada Passes Bill to Give State’s Electoral College Votes to National Popular Vote Winner

The Communists Democrats are waging war on the Electoral College as part of their efforts to erode the US Constitution and ultimately leave federal elections in the hands of the elite coasts, California and New York.

The Nevada Senate on Tuesday passed a bill that would give the state’s Electoral College votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote.

The bill passed on a party-line vote 12-8 and the legislation was sent to Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak to be signed.


If the Governor signs the bill, Nevada will join the 14 other states along with the District of Columbia (3 EC votes) to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Here are the other states that have signed the the National Popular Vote into law:

The only way for this joint agreement to go into effect would be if enough states pass legislature to total the number of electoral votes to win a presidency – 270 EC votes and Nevada will bring the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact to 195.

Our Founding Fathers wanted to give a voice to middle America and less densely populated states so they came up with the best system to represent America, the Electoral College.

The Democrats hate middle America — they want (illegal aliens) California and the Cosmopolitan liberal elitists in New York to choose every US president going forward.

Donald Trump won the 2016 election with 304 electoral votes compared to 227 for Hillary Clinton — the media loves to brag that Hillary ‘won the popular (illegal alien) vote’ but the 2016 election showed the genius of the Electoral College because it filtered out the massive amounts of voter fraud and gave a voice to middle America.

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