NBC Hack Ben Collins Cheers Banning of Conservatives on Social Media — Then Spreads Lies and Fake News About Lauren Southern

Ben Collins is another committed leftist and NBC contributor .

His Twitter account is awash with anti-conservative attacks.
He openly cheers the silencing of opposing voices in America today.
He mocks their pain.

Ben believes the First Amendment is outdated.


Last week Ben, and several liberal media hacks, cheered after Facebook banned Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Infowars and Farrakhan.
Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

On Saturday President Trump tweeted out his disapproval of Facebook and Twitter’s censoring of conservative voices. President Trump retweeted Paul Joseph Watson (who never broke any Facebook rules that he knows of) and conservative filmmaker Lauren Southern.

This upset Ben Collins. Ben was outraged.
How dare the president defend conservative voices who are targeted by the tech giants!

Ben Collins then accused President Trump of retweeting “a white nationalist who once shot road flares out of a boat toward immigrants trying to enter Europe.”
Ben was talking about Lauren Southern.

It was a lie of course. That never happened. It was more fake news from NBC.
Lauren Southern corrected the NBC hack.

Ben Collins refuses to apologize even though it is clear he spewed a vicious lie about Lauren.

Ben wants conservatives banned for hate and and fake news.
But when he posts fake news he won’t even apologize.

And he wonders why Americans don’t trust the liberal media?

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