Nadler Blasts “Terrified” Barr For Cancelling House Testimony – Claims Barr is Trying to “Blackmail” Committee (VIDEO)

Rep. Jerrold Nadler

Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) came out swinging shortly after Bill Barr cancelled his hearing before the House Judiciary Committee that was scheduled for Thursday.

“He’s [Barr] is trying to blackmail the committee … we cannot permit the administration to dictate to Congress how we operate,” Nadler said Wednesday evening without offering any evidence to back up his claim.


Nadler suggested Bill Barr is too terrified to appear in front of the staffers and lawyers they hired to question him in Thursday’s hearing.

The irony…the Democrats are frightened of Bill Barr so they outsourced their jobs to staffers and experts.

House Judiciary Committee members under the leadership of Chairman Nadler voted Wednesday morning to have staffers and experts question Attorney General Bill Barr in their committee hearing on Thursday.

They were afraid that Barr would blast them out of the water.

Barr wasn’t having any of it and canceled on the House Dems.

Now Nadler is throwing a tantrum and threatening Bill Barr with a contempt citation — of course this was his plan all along.

“Attorney General Barr informed us he will not attend tomorrow’s hearing,” Nadler said in a presser Wednesday evening. “Given his lack of candor in describing the work of the special counsel, our members were right to insist that staff counsel be permitted to question the Attorney General… When push comes to shove the administration cannot dictate the terms of our hearing in our hearing room.”

Nadler added: “I will continue to work with the Attorney General to reach access to the full report and underlying evidence but not for much longer. Compliance with congressional subpoenas is not optional and if good faith negotiations don’t result in a pledge of compliance in the next day or two, the next step is seeking a contempt citation against the Attorney General.”


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