MUST READ: The 10 Red Flags the FBI Should Have Identified that TOTALLY Invalidated Christopher Steele and His Junk Trump-Russia Dossier

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The Carter Page FISA warrant was used to obtain a legal means to spy on candidate and President Trump.  The fake dossier and discussions held with Christopher Steele were used to obtain the warrant.

There were numerous red flags the FBI knew, ignored or should have identified that invalidated what Steele was telling them and therefore their entire FISA application.

Here is a list of 10 red flags identified in the fake Steele dossier and from discussions between Steele and the Obama State Department’s Kathleen Kavalec that the FBI pushed aside in its zeal to obtain a warrant to spy on the opposition candidate and future President Trump:

1. The Steele dossier claims that a Russian man named Lesin was murdered by the Russians.  However, the details were incorrect. “In Lesin’s case, Steele claimed that he was bludgeoned to death when, in fact, he was strangled. This is a small but a significant difference, especially if you claim primary sources with firsthand knowledge of the facts.” (Source)

2. The Alfa Bank details were incorrect. Steele claimed that Alfa Bank was the conduit for secret communications between Trump/Manafort and Putin via encrypted TOR software and a hidden server. The FBI should have known this was a wild, unfounded claim: “TOR doesn’t encrypt anything. It only provides Onion routing which can provide ‘basic’ anonymity to the average Joe when they are browsing the internet. If you are a person of interest, TOR is not going to help you. Several agencies in the US (including the FBI in 2014) and abroad already demonstrated that they can completely track traffic to the source over TOR. As far as the “hidden server,” I have no idea what that is. Is this like a magic lamp?” (Source)

3. “Steele asserted in the meeting that the Russian government was running a hacking operation out of its consulate in Miami…. But the allegations are all either inaccurate or highly questionable. For one, the Russian government does not have a consulate in Miami, as Kavalec wrote in her notes. Kavalec wrote: “It is important to note that there is no Russian Consulate in Miami”.(Source)

4. Steele asserted “that the Kremlin had placed a mole inside the DNC. He also said that Paul Manafort was the campaign’s liaison to Russia….But the allegations are all either inaccurate or highly questionable.”.(Source)

5. Kathleen Kavalec’s notes indicate Steele was talking to the press while it is well-known that Steele told the FBI that he was not talking to the press, but more important is the fact that the FBI knew of Steele’s deception before filing the Carter Page FISA warrant, not after.  (Source)

6. We later learned that crooked FBI Agent Peter Strzok received Kavalec’s notes prior to the filing, and yet the FBI still informed the FISA Court that Steele was trustworthy. (Source)

7. Steele tells Kavalec on the 11th about Cohen’s meeting in Prague, but then just days later, Steele changes it to say, well, my source doesn’t know what was discussed, and he doesn’t know which city the meeting actually took place in. (Source)

8. “Contacts between Trump — via Manafort — and the Kremlin that go back to about 2013, about the time he took Miss Universe to Moscow,” Kavalec wrote, citing Steele. While Manafort has known Trump for decades, the two were not close until Manafort joined the campaign in March 2016. Manafort has also not been linked to Trump’s work on the Miss Universe pageant. (Source)

9. The FBI was highly likely warned by Kavalec before filing the Carter Page FISA warrant application that Steele delivered false information about Cohen’s travel to Prague. (Source)

10. “Item 3 from Kavalec’s notes is short but also a potential bombshell. The only thing written is “the Russians have succeeded in placing an agent inside the DNC.” It doesn’t appear that the FBI has ever investigated this, nor is there any additional detail or clarity provided in Kavalec’s notes. This item, combined with Kavalec’s dispute of earlier details, presents a problem for the FBI. Either Steele is a credible witness for the FBI, or he isn’t. If the FBI took his information seriously, there should have been parallel investigations of these other, equally serious claims. If this information was quickly proven false, why did the FBI use Steele as a primary source of evidence for the Page FISA? (Source)

Furthermore, we recently found out that the FBI did not do any investigation of its own of any of these claims.  Senator Lindsay Graham said: “There’s a document that’s classified that I’m gonna try to get unclassified that takes the dossier — all the pages of it — and it has “verification” to one side,” Graham said. “There really is no verification, other than media reports that were generated by reporters that received the dossier”. (Source)

In short, the FBI was simply a stenographer for Christopher Steele and the DNC…..The dossier was fake and they knew it.

Hat tip D. Manny and her Internet sleuths

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