Meghan McCain Uses Assassination Rhetoric on Trump Impeachment: “If you take this kill shot, Democrats, you better not miss, you better hit his jugular”

The View co-host Meghan McCain, who is involved in a feud with President Donald Trump over her late father Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), shot her mouth off on Friday’s show, using Trump assassination rhetoric to encourage Democrats’ efforts to impeach the President.

Meghan McCain: “…I will say, if you take this kill shot, Democrats, ya better not miss. (Co-host Joy Behar: “Yeah”) Ya better hit his jugular and if there’s even a finger still moving at the end of it you’re gonna ruin your chances in 2020. But you better do this well, if you’re gonna do it. And my faith in Democrats…”

Following a helpful clarification from co-host Whoopi Goldberg who interrupted to save her, McCain immediately apologized, saying, “I don’t mean literally! I’m so sorry! Oh my God! I’m so sorry! (Stuttering) I don’t mean…Oh my God! I mean like a metaphorical. I talk, I’m a shoo…, I’m a hunter and a shooter, I’m sorry about my metaphors. And I talk like a redneck, so sorry. But I will say, you have to, you have to, you have to definitely do this. If you’re gonna impeach him, you have to impeach him. It can’t just be proceedings that don’t end up successful. And again, please don’t take that the wrong way, that’s how I talk.”

Behar followed with a baseball metaphor, “If you swing you have to hit the ball,” for which McCain thanked her.

McCain claimed that’s just the way she talks, yet she raised her hand and waved a finger to illustrate her point about the need to be assured of killing President Trump by not leaving “a finger still moving.”

Video (McCain starts at about 3:20)

Also on The View with McCain was co-host Sunny Hostin, whose (non-violent) impeachment comments McCain keyed off from.

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