LIKE A TRUE LEFTIST: Intolerant Elizabeth Warren Calls for the End of FOX News”Hate for Profit – Racket”

Screen grab of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Instagram Live which shows her in her kitchen drinking a beer on New Years Eve.

On Tuesday far left darling Elizabeth Warren took a “hard pass” at an invitation by the Fox News Channel to participate in a solo town hall, posting a fiery denunciation of the network in a Twitter tirade.

Warren joined the tech giants in condemning opposing voices in the public square.
The tech giants for over two years now have been working 24 hours a day to eliminate popular conservative publishers and personalities.

Warren turned down a town hall on FOX News saying the organization is a “hate-for-profit” racket.


But Warren did not stop there. The far left senator went to Instagram to post more threats to FOX News.

Warren posted “Stop the Hate” in several images with photos of popular FOX News personalities.

The American left knows there FOX News is the one major media presence (along with OANN) that speaks the truth to the American people and is not just another far left echo chamber. The left has been going after FOX News for 20 years now but FOX News still dominates.
People want the truth and want FOX.

In this day and age of tech tyranny the left has grown more intolerant.
Warren wants FOX News eliminated.
These are scary times.

The left cannot compete with any opposing voices.
They know this.

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