Liberal Privilege: Biden’s Wife Lectures Anita Hill, Says It’s Time to Move On From Decades Old Controversy

Joe Biden has been courting black church leaders and pushing a public perception of support from the African-American community. Like most Democrats, Biden is all about using the black vote for an election boost, but is rarely in their corner on issues that matter the most to them.

Biden pushed racist mandatory minimum sentencing laws, harsher punishments for possession of crack cocaine and out-of-control civil asset forfeiture laws that have been used by police departments to seize whatever they want from someone if they are subject to a search of suspect in a crime.

And then there’s how he led the Senate hearing on the Antia Hill controversy during the confirmation fight on whether or not to place jurist Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. The black community has been incensed for decades over Biden’s performance, which they believe was accusatory and didn’t do enough to protect Hill from very tough questioning from his Republican colleagues.

Ms. Hill has been vocal in recent weeks about how she has not forgiven Biden for the way he handled the hearings, even after the former Vice President called Hill to talk about the highly publicized Kavanaugh’esque saga.

But apparently Biden’s wife has had enough of Antia Hill’s attacks on her husband, saying that she and others who continue to bring it up need to “move on.” In an interview with NPR, Mrs. Biden makes it clear that her husband isn’t the only one who has disdain for relevant complaints from members of the black community.

Could you imagine if the wife of a WHITE REPUBLICAN presidential candidate’s wife gave an interview to a national media outlet telling a prominent black woman to “move on.?” The media would be on fire with segments about systemic racism and the threat of white privilege.

Fortunately for the Bidens, their membership in the Democrat party has earned them a pass from the outrage mob. You see… they can demonstrate actual white privilege, and get away with it, because they oppose Trump.

Hopefully the black community wakes up in 2020 and realizes that the Democrat establishment does not care about them one iota. It’s Donald Trump who has given black America the lowest unemployment EVER. It’s Donald Trump who has brought forth wide-ranging criminal justice reform.

And that is the STONE COLD TRUTH.

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