Liberal Hack and Idiot Mazie Hirono Attacks the President and Slanders AG Barr and Demands he Resign — It Gets So Bad Lindsey Graham Jumps In (VIDEO)

Senator Mazie Hirono is one the loudest and dumbest of the current Democrats in the US Senate.

On Wednesday at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr Hirono used her time to attack President Trump as a “grifter and liar” and to slander the Attorney General and demand he resign.

Hirono rattled off a series of conspiracies, half-truths and lies to attack the Trump Administration and his Attorney General.


It got so bad that Chairman Lindsey Graham stepped in to cut off the liberal mouthpiece.
Graham accused Hirono of slander — which was being generous.

No doubt, Hirono will be the talk of the liberal networks and cable news on Thursday for her blatant lies and outrageous attacks.

100% Fed Up has more on Mazie.

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