Lara Trump on Senator Burr Subpoena of Donald Trump Jr.: This Is More of the Same – Harassment of our Family (VIDEO)

Lara Trump, wife of President Trump’s son Eric, joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the never-ending Trump-Russia investigation. Despite the release of the Mueller Report in April that found no wrong-doing by President Trump or any of his campaign staff, Congress insists the witch hunt is not over.

On Wednesday Republican Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman and dunce Richard Burr subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. to come in and testify again for some odd reason.

Several Republican RINOs support this move by Burr.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is AWOL on the subject.

On Thursday Lara Trump told Tucker this was just more harassment of the Trump family.

Tucker Carlson: This is a genuinely baffling story I would say so this afternoon Mr. Blumenthal, the senator from Connecticut, said that if your brother-in-law doesn’t comply with the subpoena and come and testify before the committee, “He ought to be put in jail. Prison is the only answer.” What is going on here, do you think?

Lara Trump: Well, it’s very confusing to a lot of people. To the point you just made, this is over. The Mueller Report is complete. We know that what it was started to do to show whether or not the Trump campaign or the president colluded with Russia has been solved. We know that did not happen. Whatever they think they are going to do is not going to change that. It’s not going to make Hillary Clinton the president of the United States… Unfortunately, this is just more of the same Tucker. This is harassment of our family. Harassment of the president and it’s a shame.

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