JUST IN: New York Passes Bill Allowing Congress to Get Trump’s State Tax Returns

Democrats in New York passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow Congress to get Trump’s state tax returns.

There is currently no law that requires a US President or presidential candidate release their tax returns, but the Democrats care not about laws — they want to harass President Trump with endless investigations to use against him in the 2020 general election.

The Democrats are investigating every aspect of Donald Trump’s life in search of a crime.

Stalin would be proud.

The bill passed the state assembly 84-53 would require New York’s commissioner to provide Trump’s NY tax returns to Congress if the House Ways and Means Committee, Senate Finance Committee or the Joint Committee on Taxation were to request them.

A second bill that passed Wednesday restricts the requests to elected officials only and instructs the removal of federal tax information that could possibly appear on the state tax returns.

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign the bill.

“I don’t know what’s in the tax returns. I don’t know what Congress wants to see in the tax returns. But I do know this: that Congress has a role here in overseeing the executive and it’s our responsibility as New Yorkers and legislators to make sure that happens,” New York state Senator Brad Hoylman said Wednesday.

He added: “We’re on the precipice of a constitutional showdown between two branches of our federal government. We as New Yorkers can step into that breach and help solve this problem.”

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin formally blocked the House Dems’ request for the last 7 years of Trump’s tax returns and he just defied a congressional subpoena to produce documents.

Mnuchin told Democrat lawmakers that there are three separate branches of government and that he is ready to take the fight for Trump’s tax returns to court.

Leave it to corrupt Democrats to do everything within their reach in order to obtain Trump’s tax returns, laws be damned.

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