Joe diGenova: Robert Mueller Should be Immediately Disbarred – He Stood the Constitution on its Head (VIDEO)

Robert Mueller gave a very brief press conference Wednesday morning to discuss his two year inquisition.

Mueller was a coward and refused to take any questions from reporters — he took several swipes at President Trump, spread fake news about the Russian interference in the 2016 election, threw some impeachment chum in the water for Democrats, then left the building.

Mueller was silent for two years as he hunted down President Trump and his associates only to release a gargantuan nonsensical report written by his “pitbull” Weissmann.


But on Wednesday, Mueller personally came out and smeared President Trump in a disgusting and shameful one-sided press conference.

On Thursday Joe diGenova weighed in on Robert Mueller’s scandalous performance.

diGenova says Mueller should be immediately disbarred for his outrageous slander.

Joe diGenova:  That statement was adolescent and juvenile. Just as his 438 page report was. Unprofessional, illogical.  The notion that he would say, “If we had confidence that the president didn’t commit a crime we would have said that.”  He should be disbarred for having made that statement in public.  That is an outrageous accusation.  The president (like any American) is presumed innocent until he is charged and convicted of a crime.  Robert Mueller stood the Constitution on its head.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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