If Comey Is Not Lying Then He Just Outed Australians for Using Mifsud to Entrap Papadopoulos

Obama’s former FBI Head, James Comey, is so deep in his lies that no matter what he says, he’s going to say something false.  Yesterday is no exception.  Based on Comey’s Oped in the Washington Post we now know either Australia was spying on George Papadopoulos or Comey is lying or both.

Yesterday the far left Washington Post printed an oped from former and now fired Head of the FBI, James Comey.  Comey called President Trump a liar but like all liberals, he was projecting.

Comey shared the following –  “in late July …we [the FBI] learned that one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers [Papadopoulos] knew about the Russian effort seven weeks before we did.”

This means that if Comey is telling the truth, the FBI only knew in late July that Papadopoulos was told by “Russian” Joseph Mifsud in a meeting in April that Russia had Hillary’s emails.  Taking this a step further, Comey states that the FBI did not know about Mifsud’s discussion with Papadopoulos about Hillary’s emails until late July and therefore according to Comey, either Mifsud was not an FBI spy or Comey was unaware that he was an FBI spy.  If Mifsud was not an FBI spy, then who did he work for?


Comey and Mueller in his report both state that Mifsud was a Russian.  However, we know that Mifsud wasn’t a Russian spy because Mifsud had frequent contact with US Intel agencies and even presented at a US government meeting in the US after this date.  He most likely is an Italian spy or a US spy.

Note that Comey also lies about “the attack starting in mid-June 2016, with the first dumping of stolen emails.”  We know this is false because WikiLeaks didn’t drop any of the DNC’s emails until the Democrat’s convention in late July. 

Next Comey says that the FBI learned that Papadopoulos was told that the Russians had Hillary’s emails from an allied ambassador.

According to Daily Caller, Alexander Downer, the Aussie diplomat passed this on to the US Embassy in London in May 2016 –

According to Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel, Alexander Downer, the former top Australian diplomat to the U.K., passed information about a conversation he had on May 10, 2016 with Papadopoulos to the U.S. embassy in London.

What this means is that if Comey is telling the truth about the sequence of events then it was the Australians who passed on the Mifsud-Papadopolous conversation to the FBI.  So if it was not the FBI or CIA who spied on Papadopoulos by using Mifsud, then it was the Australians, because they were the only ones that we are aware of that knew that the Russians had Hillary’s emails.

Whoever used Mifsud to spy on Papadopoulos and plant information that the Russians had Hillary’s emails, committed a crime.  Since he has a pattern of lying, it is most likely Comey.


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