ICE Protesters Launch Secret Weapon: Giant Prop Brown Baby In Wooden Crib-Cage (VIDEO)

Protesters in Portland have taken a break from the rioting for 2019’s installment of May Day, and have instead directed their rage toward I.C.E. They marched from the waterfront to the I.C.E. building in southwest Portland, chanting “ABOLISH ICE” and “NO ICE, NO KKK, NO FASCIST USA.” They then had a stand-off with “federal protective services” officers in riot gear. Meanwhile, Portland “police” were nowhere to be seen, except for the truck giving empty threats of possible arrest if the protesters didn’t clear the road.

Check out the “Feminists Against Borders” who participated in the event:

The protest/march reached its climax when a dilapidated Chevy Suburban towed a giant wooden crate into the crowd, which protesters unhitched from the truck and dumped off in front of the riot line.


In the crate laid a giant prop brown baby, complete with crying eyes, to represent the children that are supposedly “ripped away” from their parents who are sneaking across the border.

Video by Ruptly:

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