Hollywood Freaks Over Mueller Statement; Celebrities Call For Trump’s Impeachment

Luke Skywalker posited a question on Twitter today.

In a post on Twitter on Thursday, Mark Hamill wrote: “ACTUAL HEADLINE:”Robert Mueller Says He’s Not Confident That Trump Didn’t Commit a Crime” HEADLINE TRANSLATION (removing double negatives):”Robert Mueller Says He’s Confident That Trump Did Commit a Crime” I’m no journalist, but don’t those 2 headlines convey the same message?”

Now, forget that they aren’t the same message at all. Remember when then-FBI Director James Comey said Hillary Clinton had been “extremely careless” with the handling of classified information? (In case you’ve forgotten, disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, who served as a counterintelligence expert at the bureau, changed that language from “grossly negligent” — because someone who mishandles classified material with “gross negligence” can face federal charges. Clinton wasn’t completely cleared — but she was, to use a word uttered Wednesday by former special counsel Robert Mueller, exonerated.


But there’s one simple fact: A prosecutor either charges a suspect, or he doesn’t. When prosecutors don’t proceed, that suspect is cleared, exonerated, whatever word you want to choose.

Nevertheless, Hollywood celebrities lost it over Mueller’s decision not to move forward with a case against President Trump.

Jeffrey Wright, who stars in HBO’s “Westworld,” had a thought. “Robert Mueller shorter: Any other American who committed acts like President* Toe Stub Bone Spur would’ve already had a perp walk.”

And he wasn’t done. “Message from the @GOP: There are no principles – not ethical, moral, legal, constitutional, religious, spiritual – NONE. There’s only power. And when we get the power, everybody else f—ing duck. Lesson for everybody else: Get the power.”

Cher, of course, weighed in.

Alyssa Milano piped up, too.

“REMINDER: Robert Mueller’s indictments so far by the numbers,” she wrote on Twitter.

Nancy Sinatra put on her walking boots and strode into the debate.  “CONGRESS MUST ACT. At least that’s my take on what Mueller said.”


And singer John Legend had two words.

Unfunny comedian Chelsea Handler, who said she wanted to have sex with Mueller, said she’s rethinking that declaration.

“My baby is on tv at 11. I keep saying my love for Robert mueller isn’t conditional, but I’m starting to think it may be. We’ll see in a couple of hours.”

Yes, celebrities who love Mueller just a few days ago now aren’t so sure. If only they’d moved out of America after Trump won — as they promised.


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