Here’s a New One…. Air Canada has ‘The Gateway Pundit’ Conservative News Website Listed as “Hate Speech”

The Gateway Pundit had ANOTHER record year in 2018.

The Gateway Pundit had over 240 million page views from readers in 2018 despite the constant attacks from the anti-conservative tech giants and the liberal media.

The Gateway Pundit continues to grow year after year despite attacks and censorship from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Pinterest and smear campaigns by liberal pundits and organizations.

On Monday we discovered the latest tactic to suppress our readership.

Air Canada has blocked access to The Gateway Pundit. The have The Gateway Pundit listed as “hate speech.”

This is news to us!
We discuss and report on conservative, populist, pro-American news here at The Gateway Pundit.
So this was a surprise to us.

The left will stop at nothing to destroy conservative content online.

Hat Tip Matt

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