Give It a Rest… Hillary Clinton Whines that Trump’s Video of Pelosi Stuttering is “Sexist Trash”

On Thursday night President Trump tweeted out a Lou Dobbs video compilation of Nancy Pelosi stuttering and stammering through a press conference.

This was in the same conference where she threatened to use the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office and told his family to organize an intervention.
The media found this completely acceptable.

What the lying liberal media did not find acceptable was when Trump used a montage of Nancy sputtering through her presser to mock the far left Speaker.

The liberal media reported that this was a cheap shot and an unforgivable move by President Trump.
Many claimed this video was “doctored” because it spliced together several awkward moments of their darling Speaker.

Hillary Clinton popped her head up on Friday to attack the President over the video.
She called it “sexist trash.”

While speaking at the Harris County Democratic Party’s annual luncheon in Houston, Hillary accused Trump of “running around spreading a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi.”

Because whenever you criticize the Pelosi monster it’s sexist.
Give it a rest, Hillary.

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