Gillum Slammed By Democrat Mega-Donor For Sitting On Campaign Cash During Tight Election

One of the biggest shocks of Andrew Gillum’s campaign for Governor of Florida against pro-Trump congressman Ron DeSantis was the revelation of how he left over $3 million in his campaign accounts instead of leaving it all on the field.

Critics have suggested that Gillum was too comfortable in expecting victory, so-much-so that he sat on millions to fund his future political ambitions. It’s important to note that he continued to do so during the contested Florida recount of 2018, where his cronies in Broward and Palm Beach Counties “discovered” thousands of ballots that helped tip momentum in his favor before their illegal harvesting of ballots was shut down by the Florida courts.

Gillum would go on to lose by less than 40,000 votes. Now, one of the biggest donors to the Democrat party of the past few decades is slamming him for “ethical lapses” according to Politico. John Morgan has donated and helped raise millions for Democrats, hosting the Obamas and Clintons at his home in Central Florida frequently.

Morgan donated $250k to Gillum’s effort to become Governor in 2018.

“John Morgan, a well-known Orlando trial attorney who successfully backed an initiative to legalize medical marijuana, chided Gillum on Twitter for not spending money given to the Tallahassee mayor’s political committee. Forward Florida, which raised nearly $37 million during the run-up to the 2018 election, had nearly $3 million on hand heading into Election Day.

“You lost by 30k votes and kept the money from people who trusted you so that now you can go around the state with a staff preparing for your next run,” Morgan tweeted. “I will tell you that is a huge mistake. Your donors are very disappointed. This is a huge ethical lapse. Give it to charity not yourself. #PoliticsAreAllTheSame.”

Morgan also suggests that Gillum use his money to pay any fees that ex-felons might owe to the state, so that they can meet the requirements of becoming legitimized voters in the 2020 election.

Instead it seems that Mr. Gillum will use it as his political slush-fund. Typical politician.