GALLUP: Trump Approval Rating Tops Obama At Same Time In Presidency

To hear the mainstream media tell it, America hates President Trump.

But a new survey from one of the top pollsters in the country shows that simply isn’t so — even after the release of the nothing-burger report from special counsel Robert Mueller. In fact, Trump’s popularity has hit a new high of 46%, Gallup finds in a poll taken April 17-30.

Trump was at 39% in early March, but jumped to 46% after a slew of good news — the Mueller report led to no charges, the stock market’s soaring and unemployment rate has plunged to 3.6%.


“In addition to the initial interpretation of the Mueller report, which Trump claimed vindicated him from charges that he had colluded with Russia, the economy has offered several reasons for Americans to look more favorably on Trump. These include a strong jobs report on April 5, news that U.S. gross domestic product increased by 3.2% in the first quarter, and U.S. stocks reaching new highs,” Gallup writes.

A few excerpts from the poll, found here:

Trump’s 91% approval rating among Republicans in the latest poll is on the high end for this group, nearly matching the record high of 92% from November of last year. Democrats’ ratings of Trump remain low but relatively high for this group — the latest 12% he receives from Democrats matches their previous high from April 2017. Approval of the president is essentially unchanged among independents — the current 37% is similar to their previous rating of 39%….

Trump’s breakthrough with Americans in April, with his job score essentially reverting to his term high point after some rocky months, likely reflects two factors: perceptions that claims of any wrongdoing in the 2016 election have been squelched, and some important economic improvements. As such, these two factors will also likely determine his 2020 reelection potential.

And there was this line as Election 2020 approaches: “If the economy hums along in the coming year, Americans’ confidence in his and other leaders’ economic management may buoy Trump’s approval rating past the 50% mark.”

One other startling fact: Barack Obama’s job-approval rating was 44% Gallup polling at exactly the same point in his presidency, April 2011. In case you forgot, Obama got re-elected.


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