Former Federal Prosecutor: Mueller’s Actions Today Were Reprehensible – Nothing More than Chum in the Water for Democrats (VIDEO)

Former Federal Prosecutor Fred Tecce went off on Robert Mueller’s “reprehensible” public statement on Wednesday.

Mueller muddied the waters by suggesting that his crooked special counsel of angry Democrats could NOT find that President Trump DID NOT commit a crime.

Historically in America before 2018 it was required of a prosecutor to PROVE that a crime was committed by the defendent.


The fascist deep state and Democrat party dismissed this legal precedent during the hearings on Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  They demanded he prove himself innocent of 30-year-old accusations of dry humping a girl a high school party. The woman had no witnesses and had NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON to support her charges but Democrats changed legal tradition by forcing Brett Kavanaugh to prove his innocence anyway.

On Wednesday dirty cop Robert Mueller used this new legal tradition on President Trump. He could not prove that President Trump committed a crime. But in his report he suggested Trump committed a crime anyway.

Following Robert Mueller’s statement former Federal Prosecutor Fred Tecce went on FOX Business Network and tore into the crooked special counsel.

Fred Tecce: Quite frankly, I find Mr. Mueller’s comments reprehensible. The part that bothers me the most is the bedrock for our system of justice is that people are presumed innocent unless proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt… I think what he did today really was one of the most political things I’ve ever seen a prosecutor do and I am deeply disappointed in the Justice Department for his conduct… These comments are nothing more than chum in the water for Democrats.

Mueller proved again today that the US Department of Justice is a corrupt, criminal outfit.

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