Florida School District Chairman Doesn’t “See The Need” For School Security

Walt Griffin, the Superintendent of Seminole County Public Schools in the Central Florida area, released a statement Tuesday stating that he “doesn’t feel there is a need” for allowing armed teachers in addition to the armed school resource officers already operating in the school district, according to WFTV, a local ABC affiliate.

Of course, an armed school resource officer didn’t stop the Parkland shooter from massacring dozens of students and teachers in 2018, which is why the Florida legislature passed a bill allowing for teachers or other school staff to be approved to carry firearms on campus to increase school security.

Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is expected to sign the bill any day now, following successful lobbying efforts by several prominent Parkland families in the state legislature to allow school staff to undergo a rigorous approval process to carry a firearm while on school grounds. It is curious that Mr. Griffin is taking a stand against additional school security for Central Florida’s children, instead stating that he is looking for additional tax dollars for more school resource officers from local police departments.

So… Griffin would rather spend extra tax dollars that might never materialize to give additional peace of mind and security? His virtue signaling against the legislature approved idea of arming teachers and other school staff could very well result in more dead children just trying to get through a school day.



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