Fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Meets Privately with House Committee to Talk About Russia

Fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson slipped into Washington DC to meet privately with House Foreign Affairs Committee leaders on Tuesday.

Tillerson was fired in March 2018.

Tillerson reportedly spoke to House committee leaders about Russia.
It never ends with these clowns.

Talking Points Memo reported:


Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson quietly slipped into the Capitol Tuesday to talk to the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the Trump administration’s interactions with Russia.

According to the Daily Beast, Tillerson arrived under a shroud of secrecy, with almost no media warning and a back entrance to the building.

During a six-hour hearing, Tillerson told the committee about how the administration actively avoided confronting Russia on their election interference in the name of establishing a rapport with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He also said that senior White House adviser Jared Kushner often undermined his attempts to brief the President on State Department policy proposals.

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