FBI Wiretap Translator Arrested For Obstructing Terror Investigation Joined Hamas-Tied CAIR to Shut Down Terrorist Screening Database

The DOJ and US Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Virginia said in a press release Monday that a former FBI linguist was arrested and indicted on obstruction charges in a terrorism investigation.

“According to court documents, Abdirizak Jaji Raghe Wehelie, aka Haji Raghe, 66, of Burke, was a federal contractor for the FBI and worked as a linguist translating communications captured by court-authorized surveillance of a suspect (Person A) in a terrorism investigation. Wehelie allegedly intentionally misidentified his own voice that was captured when Person A left a voicemail message on Wehelie’s mobile telephone,” the US Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Virginia stated in a press release.

In other words, Haji Raghe, who was hired by the FBI to translate wiretaps, was actually caught up in a wiretap talking to a suspected Al-Shabaab terrorist — then lied to the feds about it.

It gets worse.

It turns out Abdirizak Jaji Raghe Wehelie, aka Haji Raghe joined terror-tied CAIR [Council on American Islamic Relations] in their campaign to shut down the US government’s terrorist screening database.

Last summer, CAIR sued the Trump Administration on behalf of the Wehelie family with the goal of shutting down various counter-terrorism efforts by the US government such the terrorist screening database used by US CBP to vet people passing through US borders.

CAIR is fighting to abolish this very important screening database and argued the Wehelie family is being unfairly targeted by the feds.

Abdirizak “Haji Raghe” Wehelie served as a translator for the FBI from 2012-2015 — What kind of vetting process does the FBI have to allow a person like this to be contracted in terrorism investigations??

This is yet another egregious national security breach by our premiere law enforcement agency.

“When questioned by FBI investigators about this particular incident, Wehelie made several misleading and/or false statements,” the government said.

It turns out he was also working with CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator of the largest terror funding case in US history — feel safer yet, America?

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