FBI Opens Campaign Finance Investigation Into Trump Donor Cindy Yang Over $5,400 Donation

The FBI opened a campaign finance investigation into Trump donor Li “Cindy” Yang, the founder of a Florida massage parlor chain.

Apparently the FBI springs into action over a $5,400 donation that may have come from China only because it concerns Donald Trump.

The Democrats are weaving a new scandal as the Russian collusion delusion dies — China — the Dems will push a new narrative about Chinese influence over Trump as he battles them on trade.

The FBI subpoenaed records on Tuesday related to a $5,400 donation (the maximum allowed) to Trump’s 2020 campaign from a woman named Bing Bing Peranio, a receptionist at one of Cindy Yang’s massage parlors.

The Miami Herald reported that feds are looking into whether the donation to Trump’s re-election campaign made last year was illegally funneled from China.

Via The Miami Herald:

Investigators obtained a federal grand jury subpoena Tuesday seeking records from Bing Bing Peranio, an employee of Yang’s family’s spa business who last year contributed a maximum $5,400 to President Donald Trump’s re-election effort, according to a source familiar with the probe. Yang came to Peranio’s workplace and helped her write the check, Peranio told reporters from The New York Times, who first reported the contribution. Peranio told The Times she didn’t “say no.”

The subpoena asked for any records related to that March 5, 2018, donation and possibly other contributions between 2014 and the present, said the source, who asked for anonymity to discuss an ongoing federal investigation.

In a brief phone interview with the Miami Herald, Peranio confirmed that she had received a subpoena and that FBI agents had interviewed her at her home Thursday.

She declined to discuss the nature of the conversation but said she did not understand why investigators were interested in her political contributions.“It’s not just me,” Peranio said. “I don’t know why I always get it.”

According to the Miami Herald, feds are investigating whether Li “Cindy” Yang (a naturalized American citizen) reimbursed Bing Bing Peranio for the $5,400 contribution or delivered “anything of value” to her during that time that would benefit the Trump campaign.

It is against the law to reimburse someone for a political donation without disclosing the original donor.

It is also illegal to make a donation in someone else’s name…only if it concerns Donald Trump.

Agents are seeking records from Peranio, a potential witness in the investigation, that are linked to Yang, Yang’s husband, their businesses, as well as Trump campaign entities and the Republican National Committee, reported The Herald.

Does the FBI do anything else besides investigate Trump, his family and everyone connected to him?

Recall, Barack Obama received hundreds of millions of dollars in ‘mystery’ donations from foreign donors in 2012, yet he was only slapped with a fine by the FEC.

Obama’s campaign in 2012 didn’t ask for the CVV number on the credit cards from donors — the CVV number is designed to prove the donor is actually holding the credit card at the time of the donation.

Furthermore, many donations to Obama’s campaign’s (both 2008 and 2012) were fraudulent and given in other people’s names.

For example, the Washington Post reported in 2008 that a woman named Mary Biskup was reported to have donated over $170,000 to Obama’s campaign in a series of small donations. The problem? Mary Biskup said she never donated money to Obama’s campaign so someone must have illegally donated in her name.

But the FBI is investigating Trump’s donor over $5,400…feel safer yet, America?