DEVELOPING: House Democrats in Direct Talks With Mueller About His Testimony – Dems Eye May 15 Hearing

Robert Mueller

House Democrats are reportedly in direct talks with Robert Mueller’s team about his testimony before Congress.

NBC News reported that House Dems have begun discussions directly with Mueller’s team. Previously, the Judiciary Committee had been in discussions with the Justice Department regarding Mueller’s hearing.


Attorney General Bill Barr said Wednesday during the Senate hearing that he does not object to Mueller testifying before Congress.

Dems are eyeing a May 15 hearing, however nothing has been finalized.

MSNBC reported on the discussions as well.

The Democrats exploded this week after a letter Mueller sent to Attorney General Bill Barr on March 27th complaining about the media coverage of Barr’s “principal conclusions” was leaked to the Washington Post and New York Times.

Democrat Senators grilled Barr about this letter on Wednesday and used it to accuse Barr of perjuring himself.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday morning at a presser that Bill Barr committed a crime when he lied to Congress in his statements related to Mueller’s letter.

Barr also had a conversation with Mueller over the phone about the letter and Mueller made it clear that Barr did not inaccurately represent his final report — rather Mueller was upset about the media coverage.

Under questioning from Senator Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal, Barr revealed contemporaneous notes were taken during his call with Mueller, but like a boss, Barr refused to hand the memos over to the committee.

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