Coup Plotter Rod Rosenstein Takes a Veiled Shot at James Comey During Farewell Ceremony (VIDEO)

Rod Rosenstein

Coup plotter Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave a farewell speech on Thursday following his resignation from the Department of Justice and lectured his fellow colleagues on decency and justice.

“I represent the United States,” Rosenstein boasted Thursday as he was honored with a farewell ceremony.

Rosenstein, who plotted to wear a wire and oust President Trump by invoking the 25th Amendment had the nerve to say, “This department stands apart from politics.”

“For us, the rule of law is not just a talking point,” he said. “Many people have the luxury of dismissing facts that are inconsistent with their pre-existing beliefs, but we face the exacting scrutiny of a federal courtroom.”

Rosenstein then took a stealth shot at fired FBI Director James Comey when he criticized officials he said “trade virtue for the appearance of virtue” by departing from long-held traditions at the Department of Justice.

“We should exercise caution whenever unpleasant circumstances tempt us to disregard timeless principles,” Rosenstein said, pulling from a memo he wrote recommending Trump fire Comey. “It is most important to follow the rules when the stakes are highest. Sticking with traditions is usually the best course, not always, but usually.”

Former AG Sessions, current AG Bill Barr and FBI Director Wray all applauded Rosenstein and shook his hand after he concluded his farewell speech.

Watch the tail end of Rosenstein’s speech: