“Comey Is a Nut” – In His WaPo Oped – Disgraced and Fired Former FBI Head James Comey Lies about George Papadopoulos

The Washington Post presented an opinion piece by James Comey, Obama’s former FBI Head who President Trump fired.  In the piece  Comey lies about George Papadopoulos.

Yesterday failed former FBI Director and Dirty Cop James Comey unleashed on President Trump in an oped at the far left Washington Post.

Only a far left publication would put an oped from James Comey in its publication. 

Regardless, and not unexpectedly, Comey lied throughout his hit piece:

Comey lied about the timing of the DNC ‘hack’.

Comey claims that former Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos knew about Russian leaks weeks before the FBI did.  This is a lie since the asset from the FBI, Stefan Halper, was the one who leaked this information to Papadopoulos.  Also, this is not supported by Comey partner in crime, Robert Mueller’s report.

Papadopoulos had some choice words for Comey – calling him a nut.  He also tweeted in response, that Comey’s own asset, Joseph Mifsud, provided him that information.

No big deal for Comey, his partner in crime Mueller also stated Mifsud was a Russian in his report.

This too was a lie as we now know Mifsud was a Western asset.

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